Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Commissioning Alexandria Bowersox 


Last Updated : 8/26/2019

References and Editing Policy

Image references for characters will be accepted. Text references are not taken at this time unless you are commissioning a character creation.

You as the commissioner are responsible for the quality of your references. Please make sure your descriptions, requests, and references are clear, detailed, and concise, or you might not receive an accurate depiction of your character.
I will not take a full toyhouse folder as a reference, I will need one to three images to go off on. This will make sure you get the image exactly the way you want it

If I, the artist, have not started your request you can amend the request by submitting the provided form and e-mail me again with all required information. You as the commissioner are responsible in providing all of the information to your request in one form.

Completed commissions CANNOT be edited or colored by another artist including the commissioner unless discussed beforehand. I am very easy going so please just ask if you yourself want to color it, but make sure its stated before you do it. 

I, the artist will not be held accountable to correct or adjust commissions due to unclear or un-defined information provided by the commissioner in the order form. I, the artist, will be accountable to correct or adjust commissions where I have failed to follow provided reference material.

If artwork needs additional edits and the fault lies in the provided reference material by the commissioner edits may be requested. An additional fee for edits may be discussed. It is the commissioners right to refuse this fee. If fee is refused it is the artist right to refuse to make the edits.


Paypal only /USD Currency.

I, the artist, require payment before I start drawing.

The price paid will be sent on paypal is payment for the artists time spent production product. 

You are not paying for digital art goods.

You are agreeing to pay the price for the artist to perform a service to produce your request.

Once you pay the invoice you agree to all terms and conditions listed here and the work is bound by contract.

Refunds And Time-Frame

Refunds are not offered for contracted work. 

If I, the artist, am unable to complete the request, a refund will be provided.

Time frame between 1 to 3 months, unless discussed otherwise

If 3 months passes and no work has been completed by the artist this is a breech of contract. Client can ask for a full refund at this time or continue to wait for art by their choice.

WIPS (Work In Progress Screen-caps)

WIPS are available upon request on works 50$ or more. You can also request a WIP on works less than 50$ for an additional charge of 5$

You will be provided a WIP at the Sketch stage only, and ONLY if requested. 

If a WIP is not requested you will not get one. Even if the image is 50$ or more.

If you are getting a wing-it style picture, you will not get a WIP image.

Once WIP is approved, any additional change requests are at the artists discretion to incorporate or not.

Art and Artistic Rights

I, the artist, reserve all artistic rights to commissioned work.

I, the artist may use artwork online or physical galleries, portfolios, printed material, any form of publication or distribution pending character credit/gallery links are posted with the display back to the commissioner. This includes cameos in comics, and other such stories I, the artiest, may publish at a later date. 

You, as the commissioner, may use commissioned work for personal display pending artist credits/gallery links are posted with the display back to the artist. (i.e. online icons, online signatures, layouts, wallpapers, .social sites, ect)

If you wish to use the commissioned work for commercial uses, an additional charge will be discussed. 

You, as the commissioner, are not allowed to use my artwork for commercial use or in any form of promotion or profit unless discussed before hand. 


I reserve the right to turn down any request, or refund at any time if I feel I am unable to complete the request.

I reserve the right to update or clarify any of these conditions at any time or as need be to better protect myself as the artist and you as the commissioner from misunderstanding or wrongful harm.

( If something seems unclear or if you have questions or concerns regarding my terms of service do feel free to speak with me on the matter via email at Huxcyn@gmail.com)