Commission – Coming Soon


There are many ways to get in contact with me. 

I will be checking this once a week. Feel free to send me anything from commission inquiries, fan art or a message just saying “Hi”. Just make sure to give the email a title involving Huxcyn so I know its not spam.


There is more than just The Chronicles of Huxcyn things posted here. I post commission sales, other art works, commissions I work on and get done, talk about games and just chat in general. There is a tab there just for sponsors which I pay extra attention to 

I will update this whenever a new page is updated on the site. Along with when I do streams, and when I upload things to youtube. I will also use it to complain about mundane things as well lol


Another place I try to post my art on at times. I dont keep it updated as much as I should but hopefully I will start to use it more often

Tumblr – I have two tumblrs
This Tumblr is used 100% for comic things. I will not be posting pages there, but any art I do on the side, maybe work-in-progress images, and if I get any fan art will be posted here
This Tumblr is use for all art I complete, being its commissions or personal art

I also do lets plays (badly) from time to time, I sometimes post speed paints here. 

When I chose to play games poorly for your entertainment

I stream art here often, mostly commissions at a discount price. 

I post other art here, like commissions I get and personal art.

If you would like to send me a donation for the comic. If you are interested in that though, please check out our sponsorship page.