Art Contest

Did someone say an Art Contest?!
Well I did!
For the next month I am going to be holding an art contest for my comic The Chronicles of Huxcyn
For now we will say the contest will end May 3rd, and the prizes will be awarded mid-May. (The first week of May is devoted to celebrating my one-year anniversary with my husband <3) This date might be extended depending on what’s going on in the world, and if I get any requests to do so.

Prizes (the important information)
There will be four prizes to start with, depending on how many people enter I might add a few more.

Allie’s Favorite: (my, the author, favorite entry) What you will win!

1 x Mini wall scroll 1 x Huxcyn keychain 1 x Ezuu phone charm 1 x Sticker

Fan’s Favorite: (Once the contest is over, I will post all the entries on and then host a poll where everyone can go vote on the art piece they like) What you will win!

1 x Mini wall scroll 1 x Huxcyn keychain 1 x Ezuu phone charm 1 x Sticker

Allie’s Second Favorite: (my, the author, second favorite entry) What you will win!

1 x Huxcyn phone charm, 1 x Sticker

Prize roulette: (I will number each entry, and have an art stream, once the stream has been going I will pull up a random number generator and the number that is chosen will get a prize! I am doing this so no matter what level you are at artistically, you still have a shot at winning something! Please make sure you actually put effort into your entry, if you submit a stick figure and that’s all you can do that is perfectly fine, but if you enter a stick figure and u can paint the mona lisa it will be disqualified.

1 x Huxcyn phone charm, 1 x Sticker

And every entry entered will also get a free sticker sent in the mail JUST FOR ENTERING!

What kind of Art is allowed?
~Any kind of art is allowed, meaning a drawn image, a song, dolls, perler beads, anything your mind might be able to come up with. I do ask that if it’s something you can physically hold, please consider mailing it to me, so I can show case it with the rest of my TCoH things <3 *Only art pieces that are created after this announcement can be entered.

Are there any rules to what I can or can not enter?
~ Please stick to the cast of the comic only, please don’t add any other characters from my or anyone else’s comics, along with personal OCs. If there is a future character you know will be added, coz I am bad at keeping secrets, and you would like to draw an image of them, please contact me first. (Nommie, Kapo, Eliston, Biju ect…) Also if there is a character you would like a better reference of, let me know. I am currently working on some on the side but I can bump up their importance if needed.

Is there a rating for the images?
~Please keep images PG, or give me a PG option. If I ever print my comic I would like to have the option to showcase winners in the printed book (with the winners permission of course) I will not be able to do so if there is nudity. That being said, you make draw two versions if you wish, but try to keep it clean folks lol

How many entries can I enter?
~As many as you would like, but keep in mind, you can only win one prize and will only get one sticker no matter then amount of entries you submit

How do I enter?
~Once the art piece is finished, please send the images to (or if you wish to mail the art piece *fingers crossed you do lol
* Send me an e-mail with an image of the item, and Ill give you an address to send it to) Please include your address with your entry, so I can send you your sticker. Also include in the email what name you would like to be addressed by. I will be posting all entries on the comic’s website as well as on my twitter.
Please title the email: Huxcyn Art Contest 2020: YOUR NAME

May I Post it other places?
~Please post it on any site you wish to. (FA, Twitter, Tumblr, DA, ect…) Please let me know were it’s posted so I can go fav it / share it! Don’t for get to put the comics web site in the description

Can I see the other entries?
All images will be posted on my website here

I have a question that is not listed, where should I contact you?
~ Oh I am so sorry about that, please feel free to send me a message on Discord, on Twitter, through the above email, furaffinity, or any other place you know where to find me. ^^

Please have fun! I am so excited to see what everyone comes up with. Seeing people enjoy my comic is always the best part of writing one.